Skill Development

Skill Development

Government of India has strongly reiterated its commitment towards developing India as a knowledge economy. To rollout its objectives it has established several nodal bodies such as NSDC, respective state skill development missions etc. Central and State government have apportioned funds to reinforce their commitment. There remains a pressing need to operationalize them.

The core team at Clear Maze identifies its strength at working with the government. Our competencies lie at identifying opportunities, chartering a roadmap and its execution in collaboration with the government or as a nodal agency with government support.

The skill development missions have several stakeholders. Industry and Government being the two most important stakeholders need a collaborative stake holding. Our niche expertise lies at leveraging this relationship between the public and the private. We differentiate our service to the government, wherein we channelize the processes and the efficiencies of the private sector to augment to the government initiatives in this space.

In our view the skill development and vocational training milieu does have capacity a problem, but that problem is significantly smaller in magnitude when compared to the quality problem.

The problem that our team envisages to solve is not just about empowering our youth, but is rather fundamental to the idea of nation building.

To take a crack at it, we have pieced together some of the brightest professionals with their average experience of 20 years and having achieved combined business value of over 500 crores.